Cataract Lens Options

Cataract surgery can change the way you see the world.

What options are available and how do I choose?

Selecting a lens is about making sure you get the focus and clarity that you want after cataract surgery.  When we develop a cataract we find our vision is getting dimmer and duller by the day. Cataract surgery can change the way you see the world.

The doctor will discuss which options apply to your personal needs.  Every patient is not a candidate for one of the premium lenses.  Once the doctor completes your exam he will be able to tell you if you are a candidate and which lenses are available to you.


Once you have this information you will be sent to the Cataract Lens Educator who will go over all of your options.

Lets review the lenses and what they offer:

Multifocal Lens: Correct vision near, far and in between.  The goal with this lens is to get you free of glasses or contacts. (if you have astigmatism it would be addressed at the time of surgery)


Toric Lens: Designed to correct astigmatism for clear distance vision.  You would however still require reading glasses.



Monofocal or Standard Lens: Typically covered by insurance. The goal with this lens is to give you clear distance vision.  You will be required to wear reading glasses, possible intermediate and if you have astigmatism you will be wearing glasses all the time.

Monofocal vs Monovision or Multifocal vs Monovision: Monofocal is the standard lens which is focused on the distance vision. You will need reading glasses when you have the monofocal lens and in many cases still wear your glasses for distance.  Monovision is a lens with different “prescriptions” in each eye.  Giving you distance correction in one eye and close up vision in the other.  It is very rare that a patient can tolerate monovision and they must go through months of trials to see if it is something they can successfully do.  Multifocal is a lens that has distance, intermediate and close up vision in one lens. Patients tolerate these lens well and in the majority of cases these patients never wear glasses again.

The questions that you will want to ask yourself when making your lens choice:

  • How important is my night vision?
  • What is my lifestyle?  Do I spend time reading,computer work, games and puzzles, hand held device, sewing, hunting, fishing, golf, cooking, handcrafts, TV?
  • Is it important for me to be glasses free?
  • Once I have surgery I can not go back and have the premium lens implanted.  What is the right long term decision for me?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Donna Avery, Cataract Premium Lens Consultant
Direct number: 1-225-303-9279