This list does not reflect all carriers in contract with Eye Care Surgery Center and Tigervision. Many companies do not require a contract between the providers and the insurance company. This list reflects the contracted providers as of July 25, 2012. Please be aware that many providers are accepted without a contract. We ask that you call prior to your visit to confirm if your insurance carrier is accepted at our centers and to verify any co payment that maybe due at the time of service.
Tiger Vision, LLC DBA
Eye Care Surgery Center
Managed Care Contracted Insurances Doctors
Aetna All NO
Always Vision Care OD’s Only N/A
Avesis OD’s Only N/A
Beechstreet All YES
Benefit Management All YES
Blue Cross & Blue Shield HMOLA All YES
Blue Cross & Blue Shield POS All YES
Blue Cross & Blue Shield PPO All YES
Blue Cross & Blue Shield Traditional Key All YES
Cigna MD’s Only NO
Coventry All YES
EyeMed OD’s Only N/A
Gilsbar 360 All YES
Humana Choices Plus All YES
Humana Gold All YES
Integrated All YES
Medicaid All YES
Medicare All YES
People’s Health MD’s Only YES
PPO Plus All YES
Railroad Medicare All YES
Secure Horizons (UHC) All YES
State Group All YES
Sterling Health Plans All YES
Today’s Option PPO All YES
Tricare All YES
United Healthcare All YES
VA Hero All/MD preferred YES
Vantage Health Plan All YES
Vision Care Plan OD’s Only N/A
Wellcare/Advantica MD’s Only YES
Note: This List Does Not Include All Insurance Carriers. Many insurance companies do not require contracts with providers to pay benefits for enrollees on their plans. With non-contracted MCO’s, coverage can only be determined by direct verification with the insurance company.